Oman has been experiencing a rapid urban and economic growth that poses different challenges for the current system of governance. These new urban challenges require specialization in transportation, urban design, economic planning, zoning and more to keep pace with the residents’ needs, which are currently lacking locally. A few consulting firms from across the world provide these services, with very limited knowledge about the local context of Oman. Therefore it is a clear signal that a local presence of studied and professional inputs from the viewpoint of the inhabitants is needed to support the planning process and projects on the ground.

Therefore, we are a group of multi-disciplinary individuals interested in exploring practical ethnographic methods in human-centered urban research, analysis and innovation possibilities.


years of experience



Started in 2018

Oman Think urban was born out of a crazy Linkedin chat that turned into a coffee sit-down the following day discussing Urban planning issues in Oman .

We start
building team2019

The idea of Oman Think Urban was finally crystalized into a solid concept supported by few people. We had our kick-off meeting at Bait Al-Baranda Museum where we officially marked our humble start and gained the interest of people locally and internationally.


First Enterprise
client 2020

Oman Think Urban successfully tested its Ethnographic planning methods through on-going field studies. Our field success helped us develop specialized Ethnographic tools that formed the Business Arm of of the organization.


6 Facts about #OmanThinkUrban

First In The Middle East

First Organization in Oman and the Middle East to Employ Ethnographic Planning Methods.

Majority are Women

#OmanThinkUrban organizations' team members are Majority Women (more than 90%)

Tailor-Made Unique Tools

We tailor-make unique tools for every urban sitting we study

Multi-Cultural Team

Our multi-cultural team celebrates the contributions of more than 16 nationalities

International Exposure

We are one of the first community-based organizations in Oman to be featured in local and international conferences since 2019

Empowering local Communities

Calling for real community empowerment and community engagement in the planning process.