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Stakeholder mapping & Engagement
Public consultation & disclosure plan
Public infrastructure development
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We focus on creating spaces and environments that promote social interaction, inclusivity, and well-being..

Socio Spatial Services aim to enhance the social fabric and livability of urban areas by integrating social considerations with spatial planning and design. By focusing on the interactions between people and their physical surroundings, these services strive to create more inclusive, connected, and sustainable communities. Our Socio Spatial Services include a wide range of initiatives and interventions, such as: Community Development, Public Spaces, Urban Mobility, Mixed-Use Development, Social Services and Sustainable Design.
this is used for concept design.


Land Use Planning
Master planning & Urban Design
Project Management & Supervision
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We are a leading firm specializing in sustainable urban development..

With a collaborative approach, we bring together expertise from 11 nationalities including Oman, Russia, India, Serbia, Norway, Algeria, Egypt and more to offer services such as land use planning, master planning and urban design, project management, and stakeholder engagement. Our focus is on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable urban environments.


Architectural Feasibility studies
Architectural Concept Design
User centered design solutions
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We strive to create sustainable, functional, and architectural designs that enhance the well-being and satisfaction of users..

We specialize in program development and feasibility studies. We offer architectural feasibility studies to assess project viability and architectural concept design services. Our focus is on user-centered design solutions that maximize a land's potential by incorporating people and environmentally responsive concepts. We aims to create functional, visually appealing designs that enhance user satisfaction and align with sustainability goals.


smart cadastre
land management
AI-Based urban planning
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Our Bespoke Solutions cater to those seeking more than off-the-shelf software. Discover AI-Powered Land Management

Our specialized R&D center, in partnership with Civilization, has been developing cutting-edge digital solutions for urban management since 2006. With over 200 dedicated employees, our unified technological platform serves more than 1000 users in both government and commerce. In 2022, we proudly partnered with Civilization and relocated their headquarters to the Sultanate of Oman.

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