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To be the center of
for community-centered design and planning.  

The OTU Think Tank serves as a dynamic platform dedicated to investigating and comprehending neighborhoods' intricacies and the potential of socio-spatial intelligence. It fosters a vibrant community where individuals from diverse disciplines come together to deliberate on contemporary issues and take proactive steps to enhance the urban landscape, all guided by OTU's vision of participatory processes and community welfare.

At the heart of this initiative lies a non-profit think tank, OTU, which actively evaluates local systems and developments while also nurturing local capabilities in stakeholder engagement and community-oriented planning through its volunteering program. By engaging in rigorous analysis and meaningful interactions on the ground, OTU ensures its clients derive valuable insights that prioritize the well-being of the community.

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Gutech UniversityUniversity of applied scienceGlobal collegespacelab in muscatSchool of designAjman universitycitylabisocorp
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Secondary Research
Field Preparations (tools refine, etc)
Field Work
Data Synthesis
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Field Work

this is used for concept design.

Workshops & Participatory Design

Field work Analytical workshops
Strategy Products / Outcomes
Product Creation
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Analytical Workshop


Community Coordination
Social Media
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Community Outreach Initiatives


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